Thursday, November 14, 2013

'last thoughts': descriptions No.3

memory's fluid storms
its oxygen holes
its rupture 
its lapse
its pin-cushion absence
drifting towards childhood
protecting its pathways in silence
memory writing on memory
its binding
its map
its narrative
its last ending kept in place
its nocturne
its suspending recognition
its grey familiarity
its breathless presence
its exile
grafting its wounds
salvaging its threads
memory's anonymous displacement 
its descriptions 
its props
its accomplices
its biography
its flesh
its vapor
its fold
meaning found between each

memory feeding on memory
its devotion
its survival
its bed sheets
its perpetual beginnings
its making its way
its retreat
estuaries of remembrance
shaped and bound to itself
by the photograph

memory's vertigo histories
its dwelling
its preferance
its vacant shelf
its avoidance
its splintering
its slippage
its theft of trophy cabinets
its interrogation
its chain of reactions
its falling
its stillness
its document
its dissolving
its drift
its completion date
its exits numbered
within walls of planetary discs.

Detailed images of works by Michelle Roberts   


  1. this stuns me. i am going back to reread and relook.

  2. Glen your words are moving memory, making a trace then an erasure... a palimpsest