Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poetic transitions

I thought I would show the final installation of this wall has been reconfigured several times over the last 2 the initial time of installation it was simply a matter of seeing if the forms worked together...a formal arrangement was all that was required...the final relationships were fractious...a sense of sentences left incomplete or interrupted...other things waiting to be my artist talk I spoke of the need for a 'shift' at certain times...that process can be a natural organic disclosure or something that comes from locking yourself away in a space & creating such a shift...this has been a combination of a practical way there has been a shift away from the collected & found object...the birds, the collection boxes, the envelopes the aircraft wing have been fabricated...the talk touched on the relationship between the making & the theory component of post-graduate studies...but that's a conversation for some other time...sp 


  1. i have taken a bit of your quote here to my desktop to re-read and re-think. the final image, the print of the wing shape moves me very much. you have set me singing away as i think on these images. as spring here becomes more and more, the birds show me stories, thoughts, mapping, parenting, death and desiccation,... thank you.

  2. love how the work has transmuted with time