Friday, November 23, 2018

Redlands 'Collage'...Artists' Book

The completion of my residency with Redlands College. The collaborative book project during my time there was a blend of collage, print, text and photographic transfers. The art students were a delight to work with in part due to the wonderful support of both visual arts teachers Andrew Peachy and Jenny Burgess. I am always amazed at the maturity of students. I feel certain that my senior years at high school could have been so more rewarding and productive if I would have had the same level of encouragement and support that both Andrew and Jenny provide for their students. It was rewarding to witness a visual arts program that is readdressing the over emphasis on conceptual development and allows process driven responses to inform meaning.
With the depletion of studio practice within Queensland's major visual arts institutions the outcomes of students within the senior school art programs are creating the calibre of works that hold their own in comparison to the outcomes of graduate institutions. Thank you again to all involved at Redlands. A fantastic environment.    


  1. such a beautiful book and inspiring program, x fingers the pendulum will swing back to supporting the visual arts very soon!

  2. My gosh it's wonderful to be here and catching up with you and your work, Glen.
    How fortunate for your students to have you as a teacher. Your dedication must speak volumes to them. All the best and my fingers are x!

  3. Thank you Glen, the impact of your Residency will continue to enrich our department and student practice. Can’t wait to have you back. Thank you for all the great art and education conversations.