Friday, January 11, 2019

Material Thinking in Mittagong

Returning from 5days of the first of the Poetics of Process workshops. Studio outcomes were a mix of print editions, hand bound artists' books and experimental works.
The class was a nice balance of beginners, intermediate and experienced prinmakers. The brief was for participants to respond through either a single or combination of processes I demonstrated, to create a series of visual narratives. 
They were encouraged to avoid the familar formula of a progressive natrative.  Instead intuitively responding to the personal affinity  they felt for a particular process or equally an awareness of not connecting with certian things. 
Inevitably the book form requires an element of design but essentially each of the book forms created evoked the possibility of open and multiple readings. Material 
So thankyou again to each participant for their trust and capacity to forego the familiar desire to always be in control of that deeply subtle relationship that exists between the making, the form and the very thoughts of the material itself.


  1. And again, your writing about the workshop entices both the teacher me and the student me.

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