Thursday, February 16, 2012

'myth and poetry'

Regardless of where things may stand either within the depths of myth or floating upon the surface of  poetic reverie what exists in the end is narrative...I have once again commenced a series of seemingly disparate objects, still incomplete at this point in time, yet developed enough to sense their potential to engage or resonate beyond mere appearances...but my difficulty is in recognizing the utterance of any single story...there are multiples of both the bird figure and the collection box (unfinished)...they do not necessarily belong side by side...perhaps at a point of making where narrative begins to write itself..sp.


  1. Oh I like the bird beside the box. This is exquisite. It will unfold and be magical. The muse is at work here. *smiles* Norma

  2. I love how this work evokes such a sense of deep mystery, I would leave it at that!

  3. There is a haunting quality about these works.