Wednesday, February 22, 2012

'studio floor'

I remember as a child my mother would cut up old clothes to make rags for St. Vincent de Paul to sell to businesses...first the buttons needed to be cut away and then the material was cut and torn... every Saturday morning beneath our high set home I would hear the sound of cutting scissors and the taring of fabric...for the past three days these same sounds have been in my studio...but now the rags have become birds...sp


  1. Funny, I remember those sounds from my childhood also. A few days ago I was ripping and cutting up some cotton shirts for their pockets. They will hold the rabbit circles. Your birds have character.

  2. "but now the rags have become birds"
    two thoughts:
    rags make paper;
    birds use fibers, rags, in nest making.

  3. ... and such interesting birds they are too!

  4. I look forward to seeing where these birds take you & do you have an idea of where will you be exhibiting them when they go out into the world?