Friday, July 13, 2018

Brooching New Ground...'N o t i o n s'

For the past six months I have been absorbed in a collaborative project with Brisbane based emerging artist Michelle Wild that has focused on the creation of a collection of wearable pins and brooches that blend Michelle's print and small objects background with my own print and collage methods. The results are presently on show at our exhibition titled 'Notions' showing at the Wooloongabba Art Gallery in Brisbane. The collection forms a series of works that evoke a whimsical and impulsive use of discarded images and surfaces that extend what collage naturally does in allowing new narratives to remain in a perpetual state of flux. 

Wearable pin: Bound collage stamp: John Le Carre series.

Wearable pin: Bound collage stamp: John Le Carre series

Wearable pin: Bound collage stamp: John Le Carre series

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Phenomenology of Image and Text....

detail of work in progress from the pages of Phenomenology of Image and Text...

Phenomenology of Image and Text  is the artist book that has been accepted into the Artspace Mackay Regional Gallery 'Libris Awards' with most books I rely on the bringing together of disparate elements that tend to delivery their own suggestions and evocations.I could add 'their own meaning' but it seems to me that they provide very little of any essential meaning. This is where I begin to sound somewhat repetitive in my explanations but essentially the poetic response avoids the embrace of one fixed response. The ambiguity of the relationship between alphabetical text, names of places, Brisbane suburbs and streets and the placement of repeated images of a male figure taken from an illustrated book on healthy breathing and exercise for men seems to me to be something that is difficult to pin down to one singular response apart from the overarching reference to the strangeness of the relationship between the naming of things and the object or the image it represents.
Of course the realm of semiotics delivers systematic ways of deciphering the relationship between the object or place and how language has been chosen to represent it...something I so consciously avoid. This may seem an odd thing but I like the experience of having what I make remain within a threshold of being unfamiliar...Phenomenology of Image and Text is an attempt to hold onto that sense of the unfamiliar.

1.detail of pages from Phenomenology of Image and Text...etching and photographic transfer.

2. detail of pages from Phenomenology of Image and Text

3. detail of pages from Phenomenology of Image and Text

4. detail of pages from Phenomenology of Image and Text

detail of work in progress from  the pages of Phenomenology of Image and Text

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Wayzgoose Adventure...2018

The Museum of Print

Having just returned from four days at the Armidale Regional Gallery and the Museum of Print as part of the 2018 Wayzgoose event I thought I would take the chance to thank Robert Heather and his fabulous gallery staff for presenting a diverse range of speakers and workshops that really did deliver something memorable for everyone. Of course I will make special mention of the Black Gully Printmakers group and those who were nice enough to give up their Saturday for a day of printing and book binding with me. I am smiling as I type because I realise how much I pushed for everyone to finish the project in a single day which I will reveal now is often presented with an extra half day. So thank you to you all for your diligence and commitment to the workshop.I was very pleased that all participate left with a hand-bound series of prints. The Black Gully Printmakers have a wonderful studio space situated within the gallery and is juxtaposed beside the Museum of Print space. Being there in the studio for the open day I was given a wonderful reminder of the reasons why I make prints with the sense of community and sharing of stories expressed about each of the works that were part of a print/swap/raffle event. A series of artists talks were presented by visiting artists including myself but the most memorable and very moving talk was given by the Black Gully printmakers president Cat MacGregor. Cat spoke about her work with a deep sense of connection and meaning that perhaps the more experienced and academic of us have unremembered. So thank you to Robert and the Black Gully printmakers in providing the opportunity for me to continue to be part of the print community. 

1.detail of participants  works...


the big print...2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Narratives of Debris...

In searching for descriptions of a philosophy of making in regards to the objects and jewellery pieces that wild + parrot is assembling it seems that the residues of source materials provides an appropriate starting point. Our workshop space is gradually gathering an archive of materials and books that comprise a range of topics including astrology, bird and marine life, stamps, found photographs, post cards, cartography and natural history.
Our process is essentially one of gleaning materials that have often been discarded and through a combination of fundamental jewellery methods, collage and  assemblage we hope to create the sense of a self-contained narrative made available through a mix of materials, images and the use of text. Perhaps the story is something closer to a gesture yet we are both aware of the subtle and nuanced capacity for a binding of thread, a wax layer, a rivet or open hole punch in providing a window that allows the viewer/beholder to deciphered the narrative associations made available in each piece.  Still a lot of making/story telling to be done.

cut-out bird wings for brooches....

cut-out bird wings drying

from the archive of stamps

Friday, March 9, 2018

Florence is the Machine

Forgive this delayed posting...I wanted to simply provide my most meaningful recognition of International Women's Day that was celebrated this week by acknowledging one of the most inspirational people in my life who just happens to be a mother Florence.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

wild + parrot...the topophilia space

wild + parrot
As creative locations studio spaces provide a diversity of reference points as mixed and varied as the creative individuals who frequent them. They often provide an experience of space as a continuum of interplay of the rational, the concrete, the imaginative and the poetic. Gaston Bachelard presented the notion of topophilia to describe the constant  gatherings of imaginative responses within such spaces and their capacity to alter and dissolve the logical geometric experience of space. The topophilia traits of the space that wild + parrot has adapted is yet to acquire any significant degree of creative affect but within its initial transformation from garage to a place of making it is gradually gathering its own sway....sp.

wild + parrot

wild + parrot...detail.