Friday, August 26, 2016

the mappish......

fable in brief...(detail) etching ,coloured pencils and bees wax

Maps play a significant role within the surface fabric of  fable in to almost incidental mud maps sketched in graphite and watercolour they are so fragmented that one could never really find any familiar point of reference...they remain simply 'mappish'...and like almost every piece in the show they have been immersed in bees wax...a medium I have used for a number of years and find difficult to let go of...apart from its subtle yet potent metaphoric resonances it is the contradiction of the muted transparency it affords the surface of paper that continues to provide possibilities...I am aware that this subtle transformation of the surface of the image provides a veil of distance between the image and the viewer...available but still something remains slightly  inaccessible. 
In keeping with the notion of 'collisions' of disparate images the experience of viewing the now almost obsolete illustrated encyclopedia in its codex format is also an underlying thread to experiencing
  fable in brief...the large twelve and twenty four volume sets of Encyclopedia Britannica that were a part of almost every house hold throughout my childhood and part of my adult years the pages of such books provided a sense of expectation and discovery each time one flicked through any chosen volume...although no encounter was ever the same regardless of how familiar one was with their contents...the juxtaposition of text and image immediately fragmented by the indexed notations of illustrations in alphabetic text or Roman numerals. There remains an essential element embedded in my making that is anchored in nostalgia,,,but it is a form of nostalgia that is continuously seen as a mappish form in the shape of a wound or scar...of something from the past having healed but still times hauntingly capable and worthy of remembrance. 

fable in brief...(detail) wedding photograph, graphite, watercolour and bees wax

fable in brief...(detail) gouache on photographic transfer and bees wax

fable in brief...(detail) gouache and graphite on photographic transfer and bees wax

fable in brief...(detail) photographic transfer, Polaroids, graphite, watercolour and bees wax

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

fable conversations...

Just a note to thank those who attended the fable in brief artist talk today...i prepare quite poorly for such occasions and always feel that a more structured delivery is perhaps more informative... but as I suggested today I am still becoming familiar with these works myself so in some respects they remain too close for me to articulate more poignant associations...I often think of Walter Benjamin's comment..."I have nothing to say only something to show you"... the most rewarding comment was from a student who had difficulty articulating why she was using certain images in her work and found that the exhibition gave her permission to keep using thank you again. The show ends on Saturday 3rd. Sept...further conversations about the works will be held on the remaining Saturday mornings from 10.30 am.

(photographs by: Jonathan Tse)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

fable floor details...

The works from 'fable in brief' are somewhat difficult to document but essentially the exhibition is composed of a collection of disparate responses fragmented into postcard size pieces that often have a central image with a number of smaller satellite works surrounding it...the entire show created around the single notion of montage collision...the bringing together of unalike and  solitary images that through their juxtaposition have the capacity to evoke unexpected meanings.....there is also elements of text that often suggest or imply poetic connections to images placed on the floor...all of the works have been immersed in bees wax...a subtle material that evokes a number of layered responses...I think what I like most is the restrained transparent distance it provides from the original surface...still accessible but not quite...with each new visit to the gallery I am beginning to understand these responses a little more.


Monday, August 22, 2016

fables on the floor...

There is something about looking down on images that embraces the realms of the humble and a way it is connected to the experience of visiting a market where items are displayed on the ground and one sifts through things with a certain expectation of discovering something out of the ordinary,,,it provides a focus and space of contemplation that is less austere than the gallery wall...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

looking for ...'fable in brief'

(1) fable in brief...etching and bees wax.

'Fable in Brief' is now open to the public in the Project Gallery at Queensland College of Art, South Bank...the 'aboutness' of the work is difficult to articulate so close to having assembled the mix and blend of so many disparate associations...perhaps a strange thing to say but many of these works are still quite unfamiliar to me...the gallery will be open Tues.-Sat. from 10am.-4pm. until Sept 3rd. I will be presenting artists on Wed.24 and 31st. Aug. at 12.15pm and Sat. Aug.27 and Sept 3rd. at 11am.

(2)fable in brief...1-29(detail):graphite, Polaroids and bees wax.

(3)floor plan...fable in brief  

(4) graphite tracings 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

'fable in brief':recent works by glen skien opening this week.

A fable in brief is simply an extended description of what the use of metaphor sets out to achieve...a process of substitution...'this stands for that'... In the context of a disparate collection of  etchings, artists' books and photographic transfers a new exhibition 'Fable in Brief' extends the 'mytho-poetic' interests that evolved from my post-graduate studies...recognising the potential for self-narrative to relate meaningful associations as a method of better comprehending our everyday experiences of the world. I'm pretty certain that my 'mytho-poetic' experiences will not deliver any new understandings of the everyday for anyone else, but it may provide a certain metaphoric thought-space for a few moments at least.

'Fable in Brief' will be open to the public this Wednesday 17th August at the Project Gallery. Queensland College of Art, Grey Street South Bank, Brisbane. 

Gallery hours: Tues-Sat. 10am-4pm.

Artists' talks will take place in the gallery space: 
Wed.Aug: 24th. 12.15pm...
Saturday Aug: 27th. 11am    Saturday Sept: 3rd. 11am,