Friday, November 9, 2018

Hats Off... Redlands College art students...

One of the year 10 classes joined me yesterday for a session of monotypes and photographic transfer techniques. Both very simple processes but as always with printmaking it is often the most fundamental responses that are capable of evoking the most memorable images. I was conscious of relaying methods that extend within my own practice that recognises the poetic engagement with process and allowing the choice of medium to inform the thinking and the 'aboutness' of their final works. Not that they had a lot of time to 'resolve' anything. The session was very much focused on responding. 
At rare times throughout my teaching career I have recognised a certain nexus of creative intention that is suddenly evident within a particular group dynamic. It is a collective energy that simply arrives within a workshop or class situation where a high standard of individual creative responses suddenly mirrors the collective intentions of the group. In some strange way that I am unable to fully articulate the individual and the collective is transformed into a singular entity. It can be a rare event but yesterday this small class of students responded in ways that were quite inspiring.





Thursday, November 8, 2018

Redlands College....Artist in Residence

Redlands College Year 10 Art Class  (figure.1)

The second week as artist in residence at Redlands College. My time so far has been a mix of artists talks and demonstrations in all things print with students from both the middle and senior school visual arts program. I have been continually impressed with how focused, mature and highly articulate the students are towards interpreting each of their class projects. Often they are having to interpret concepts that hopefully will continue to be questioned and reinterpreted in some creative form as they transition into adulthood. Having to reflect on themes relating to identity, place and the nuanced rituals of their daily
lives it is the kind of questioning that inevitably allows them to recognise how creativity, in all its semblances, is an essential part of feeling connected to 'the everyday'.

(figure 2.)

   (figure 3.)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

BIA...Ideas and Images in Print


I had the pleasure of working with a dedicated and creative group of printmakers at the Brisbane Institute of Art over the weekend. The workshop was a blend of print and the book form with a focus on each of the participants connection with their chosen process. It required a generosity of  trust in participants response to often uncertain outcomes. So thank you to all who spent the two days immersed in all things print and bookish. The print  environment at BIA has restored my faith in 'art institutions' capacity to provide access to what students of print simply love doing without hindering their creativity.    


Friday, October 19, 2018

Foto in progress

Photo Metafisica (i)

Foto Metafisica is the title of a series of artists' books (works in progress) that form my initial response to the unnamed and unidentified photographic images available in the archival collections at the State Library of Victoria as part of my creative fellowship with the library and supported by the iconic Baldessin Press. Although in its initial stages essentially I am interested in exploring/questioning the nature of the found photograph as memory-image. As a photograph devoid of any fixed narrative, historical yet vacant of its immediate known history, the nature of memory and the past seems to be placed in a state of suspension. The once grounded photographic image placed at a threshold between the fictional and the poetic.

Photo Metafisica (ii)

Photo Metafisica (iii)

Photo Metafisica (iv)

Photo Metafisica (v)

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Reasonable & Necessary...Artel Artists Tour

Drawing head gear: Artel Group

Museums and Galleries Queensland have just announced a showcase touring exhibition, Reasonable and Necessary: Prints and Artists' Books from the Artel Artists group that embraces the creative endeavours of artists with a range of complex disabilities. This is such fantastic news. During my time involved with the Griffith Printmaking Club students supported the 36 Hour Print fund raising event that specifically raised funds as part of their support for the touring show. So thankyou again to that special group of print students who donated their works and invaluable time to contribute towards such a fantastic outcome.
Please visit Museums and Galleries Qld. Facebook page and let their wonderful team know how deserving this exhibition is.  

Monday, August 6, 2018

Finding Familiar States: Baldessin Press and the State Library of Victoria

Exterior view of the State Library of Victoria

A week ago I had my first extended days of becoming familiar with both of the spaces I will frequent over the course of the next 12 months. My time at the State Library of Victoria was divided between a formal induction into the procedures and methods for investigating the archival materials as well as learning to navigate the mirrors of space that were somewhat overwhelming at times. Walking from my office/studio space and standing below the expanse of the dome in a vacant main entrance room after closing time was the moment I realised how special my time at the library would be. I feel rather spoilt with the allocation of an assistant from the library's pictures collection to help me access the collection.This provides such a crucial element in finding a starting point to my project.
My early beginnings have swayed towards studying the photographic images of early Melbourne. It extends an on going intrigue with the photographic image and all that it invokes. On my flight down I took a book of collective essays of Susan Sontag. Her reflections on the photographic image were so astute that despite the arrival of the digital and virtual format of the photographic image her views remain poetically insightful. During this initial visit I viewed a series of early photographic images from the carte de vista collection which were essentially a handheld size photographic calling card popular in the 1800's.     

Interior view of the State Library of Victoria

My visit to Baldessin Press at St. Andrews was also a way of becoming familiar with how the studio space operates. Both Tess and studio technician Silvi, a wonderful printmaker in her own right, were very generous with their time and 'space' as it was a busy few days for the studio. I did manage to have 'a play' with a series of monotypes. Thankfully I have learnt to recognise what one needs to discard. But I enjoyed the play.
My feelings towards being in the space where George Baldessin once printed and to have his works floating within the same interior spaces was simply a reality that I never thought possible. So my unfolding time at Baldessin Press is not so much a dream come true but a reality that crosses over into dreaming. 

Baldessin Press: Interior (1)

Baldessin Press: Interior (2)