Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Create and Donate: Raising funds for Artists with disabilities.

On the weekend of  July30th.-31st. of 2016 the printmaking students at the Queensland Collage of Art in Brisbane will host a 50 hour print project to celebrate the Year of the Print. The Print Club at QCA have decided to celebrate by making prints continuously for 50 hours. All prints created over the 50 hour period will be displayed in a closing exhibition with the proceeds of  sale of works being donated to the Artel artist with disabilities group based in Redcliffe, a seaside suburb of the city of Brisbane, Queensland Australia.
I was wanting to connect with printmakers out there beyond the QCA print community who would like to run a similar event with the intention of raising funds for the Artel artist group. The format is very simple. Each participant donates a gold coin to be a part of the event and any proceeds from the sale of works are also to be donated to the Artel group. No commissions...no percentages...this event asks you to engage in your altruistic nature and simply... create and donate. If you or your print group is interested in being part of this event please contact me at: silentparrot1@bigpond.com       

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Phenomenology of Birds...works in progress

Etching, bees wax and photo-transfer image.

After two weeks of visiting the natural history museum here in Brisbane to study various species from the ontological collection tenuous threads of association are beginning to surface,,.seemingly impossible to keep the bird and the human form separate...references to the map weaving its way into the surface of things...'birds as maps'... at times all one needs is a title...almost impossible to see but the surface of these bees-wax embedded images have incisions of marks that relate to the notation of maps...coastal and interior spaces...everything is a map.     

Etching and bees wax (detail)
Etching and bees wax...(detail)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ornithological moments at the Queensland Museum

Several days of the past week were spent visiting the Queensland Museum studying the collections of bird species to commence a new series of etchings...at this  stage nothing more than a vague notion of using the images and the scientific descriptions of  birds to reflect upon the relationship between art and science,,,a space that perhaps should never have been severed to the degree that exits in present times...gs.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

MYTHO-POETIC: Print and Assemblage works

Mytho-Poetic: Print and Assemblage works...Sturt Gallery will host the second last showing of my touring show...I will visit for a weekend of workshops on May 28-29th...I'm not certain if there is an official 'artist talk' but I'm more than happy to meet and speak with visitors about the works...gs.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tracings:'Camera Lucida'

Something of an absence from making...a continuum of reflections and questioning of not so much the conceptual reasoning but the pure reasoning that one threads within the making. This latest offering is very simply a tracing of Roland Barthes "Camera Lucida"... his phenomenological reflections on the nature of the photographic image...each of its 119 pages including photographic images traced with a 2B pencil on drafting paper. It started out as an 'in-between' thing...something I thought I would tire of within a few pages but it seems to have gained momentum with elements of poetic detachment and meditative diversion.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

'Fable in Brief'


A fable in brief is simply an extended description of what metaphor accomplishes. It avoids saying 'this' stands for 'that' and allows meaning to remain unfixed. This fluidity is also a displacement, one thing substituted for another. Metaphor like collage is always a disturbance, an enigmatic disturbance. It's illusiveness registers more poignantly what remains absent. Fable in Brief  is a slowly emerging series of drawing/tracings and etchings that will be bound into a collection of artists' books to celebrate the Year of the Print in 2016.
(i)  (ii)
(i) - (iii) Fable in Brief  Graphite on tracing paper