Saturday, July 24, 2010

'matchbox songs & gypsy hymns'

'matchbox songs and gypsy hymns'... a fragment from a verse in dylan's song 'sad eyed lady of the low lands'...since moving into my post grad .studio space at qca i have often had this song on repeat for an entire day...something in its slightly up beat funeral march tempo and dylan's trance like monotone voice that closes me off from everything apart from what i am a sense everything i've made in that studio space has traces of that song in it seems a fitting title to my mva show... even more fitting is the narrow window of my level 6 post.grad. studio space  will be the viewing point of  a series of transitional exhibitions over the next 4months...the studio space has become an intrinsic layer to everything i have made and so it seems appropriate that they remain there for their final viewing...the gallery space will change weekly...i will keep you informed if you are at all interested...and as i have done from the beginning of my p/g studies...i will proceed with vagueness.   

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