Friday, August 20, 2010

late night phenomenology...with tom waits "god's away on business" playing in the background.

One  last late night phenomenology for this week before "objecthood 2..nostalgia" comes down...nice to see and talk with two people who were viewing the works today...I realize the window has a lot of reflection and the viewing of things is not ideal but if you stay long enough its possible to discover details at times hidden in the reflections...Merleau-Ponty's 'flesh' continues to absorb my attention...a lot of my reading in the past week experienced on plane flights and train journeys...something about the reflective nature of both of these forms of travel that seem apt in the readings of M-P...I gave an artist talk today and somewhat hesitantly explained the most basic concept of phenomenology to a class of year 9 students...from their response it seem to have struck a cord with several of them who were quite taken with the idea of our bodies experience of the world being its own philosophy...we also discussed the intuitive response...and how theory is killing intuition...actually no.. I didn't talk of that but I found myself on the verge of saying it...I almost believe that intuition needs another nostalgia it exists and is made available within experience to varying degrees or depths of times too easily discarded as a secondary if the rational is forever the most authentic justification for thoughts or actions....theory leaves the artist second guessing...intuition informed by process is never blind...sp

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