Tuesday, August 3, 2010

matchbox artist statement

Well I finally seem to have found some more formal words that present an overview of what this transitional series of works relate to. Perhaps the difficulty has been that what it is I make and how I make it often has a certain simplicity  and suddenly a language is introduced that adds a detached complexity to things...as mentioned earlier there is a certain philosophical thread that resides within the work or at least I wish for it to do so...that thread relates to phenomenology...a word that can stay with you like the tune of a song that you can't seem to get out of your mind...but it has been a long day and such philosophical explanations shouldn't be attempted before at least three glasses of anything...the matchbox statement reads:

As a philosophy based upon the individual's reflective descriptions of every day experience, phenomenology persuades us that meaning and identity are made available to us through our encounter with objects. When we discover the essence of an object we potentially discover ourselves.
Through collage, assemblage and the occasional performance piece, this series of transitional exhibitions re-present my own every day encounters as a continuum of phenomenology based descriptions.

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