Saturday, August 7, 2010

mon amour...last day

Tomorrow is the last day of the first times I have been tempted to add other elements to the space...a single transparent envelope with a cut out figure inside was placed momentarily on the back wall...but of course it changed everything...suddenly there was a new dialogue...but one that seemed shallow and a mere distraction...I removed arrive at meaning and understanding phenomenology deals with description's and not explanations..perhaps the less you have to describe the closer you are to discovering things...i am almost tempted to extend the viewing for another week...maybe we need more time to get to know each other better..i am also tempted to write about the work...which really means writing about the process...all meaning exists within the making...this film affected me in a way that was like a layering of sediments of different emotions...and i guess you can read reviews of the film to find out the reasons why it left you feeling a certain way...but i know what stayed with me is a questioning of what resonates more in life... the past or the present?...several nights after having re-watched the film I found myself after an evening of playing several games of scrabble(yes I know..does anyone still play scrabble!).. placing the scrabble blocks on top of my slide guitar and spelling out the title of the film..HIROSHIMA MON Ibanez slide guitar is a Japanese brand seemed to be all that I required...sp

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