Monday, August 2, 2010

'Objecthood 1...Hiroshima mon amour'

Day one of my studio transformation and viewing of the first piece from "matchbox songs &gypsy hymns".In attempting to construct a concise statement about the series of transitional exhibitions that will unfold over the next three months I am beginning to imagine what it must be like for a poet to be asked to draw illustrations of their poems to validate their meaning. In all honesty I remain unconvinced that the written or spoken word is capable of providing a deeper connection to what exists essentially as its own self contained language...there will forever exist a point of 'lost in translation'. As much as I would like to provide you with some coherent explanation of the intended meaning behind the works as they unfold I believe I am still searching for the appropriate words...I'm not certain they exist within the formulaic structure of  academic writing...or if they exist I have little faith in them. I can tell you that all of the works created  rely upon three simple words...suggest, imply and evoke... of course they do attempt to reside within a certain philosophical discourse and one that I believe my works to be immersed in..but I will relate that when and if I find the words. For now I hope you have the time to view
Objecthood 1..."Hiroshima Mon Amour" and if you haven't done so already experience the film.  

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