Monday, August 23, 2010

objecthood & ambiguity

I have unintentionally retained the word 'nostalgia' in the title for this new work/installation...from all of the works gathered under that title i think this work is closer to a more defining moment...if you give it a little i have mentioned in previous reflections the connection between experience & process is the 'thing' with me at the moment..and that relationship begins with the collecting process things are already forming certain connections...when i arrived in the studio on sunday afternoon to change the exhibition the only images i had in mind were of wooden crutches and objects...i had purchased a super8 movie projector from the mt. gravatt markets in the morning intending to use it at some later stage of the transitional pieces... i started playing with it but had trouble connecting the film..nothing seem to work...i guess i shouldn't have expected too much for fifteen dollars...suddenly with a wooden crutch and a roll of gaffer tape within reach there seem to be some sense of a relationship that probably throws out more questions than i could care to answer at the time ..but before i knew it the projector was attached to the wooden crutch..or was it the crutch attached to the projector? one point the super8 film of surf footage from a bali surf trip in the 1980's was spilling out onto the studio floor...that looked kind of interesting in it was suddenly part of things...perhaps like any narrative a good beginning helps...the remaining pieces form part of a continuing conversation that may very well change over the course of a week...there is an ambiguity to this piece...phenomenology embraces the ambiguity of experience... detached from experiences it becomes something else....the work requires a deciphering...not necessarily phenomenologically based... but to begin with pure description of what is present...detailed descriptions...a wooden crutch with a rusted metal wheel attached to its base with a super8 movie projector bandaged to the side of it with grey gaffer tape...a reel of super8 film is connected on the opposite side of the crutch and is fed around the base of the wooden crutch and fed into the is suspended above a small pile of butchers paper..approximately 3cm in depth...all cut to a uniform one side of the butchers paper is placed a pair of closed scissors...they are discoloured and look quite old...on the side wall a small white box with a round opening has been placed at a similar height to that of the projector... is something about to take place?...or has something already transpired?... perhaps the only completion is presented through the viewer.sp

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