Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"matchbox personages"...

Some thoughts on altered books & hand held globes... several years ago I read three words that in some way I wasn't quite ready for...the meaning remains elusive...ephemeral...which I prefer... three words which in a sense justify the silence of the artist...three words that free me from having to explain the reason for collecting and binding 30 collage books with a black wax thread...hammering fragments of black & white photographs, etchings, aluminium plates and stenciled alphabets to their covers with shoe tacks...of attaching photographs and etched metallic cut-out forms to the edges...of spending weeks cutting and assembling hand held globes made from over one hundred old post cards...each one a miniature diorama...belonging to this world but at the same time those past worlds...the three words came from Heidegger.."language speaks man"...sp

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