Thursday, September 2, 2010

"matchbox songs & gypsy hymns"...'personage 1'

weather machine'...who are you this time..
I recall discovering the word 'personage' as an art student in Townsville when first viewing a series of etchings by George Baldessin..the visceral nature of his images have remained with me but so to has this word: per.son.age... beautifully self contained... a certain covert detachment in its sounding...perhaps these elements exist within the fabric of  'personage 1'...although in comparison to the 'objecthood' series hopefully a deeper sense of connecting with some primary layer of experience...something closer...even though what one makes is condemned to a second order assembling of experience...the wooden crutch remains...our rendezvous not yet continues to resonate the same instinctive connection I had when I found extension of human experience..slightly damaged but recovering...just as making is all about recovering...the embedded intentions of objects made available through our experience of them...even if they remain de facto by less deliberate & determining...I will leave you with a detail of the completed work... the exhibition opens visits & conversations about the works by appointment...(open studio coming soon)

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