Monday, November 15, 2010

"matchbox songs & gypsy hymns"...more hesitations..

the final days of 'miscellaneous'...I am writing about the correlations between collage/assemblage and phenomenology at present...still convinced that there is a certain clarity to my reasoning...although as with most things it is more of a sense of the existence of their seems that the quotations from the artists themselves provide the most succinct explanations...I am aware that this 'miscellaneous' collection of 'hesitations' is missing the element of written descriptions of each item...each of the original pieces that have been presented in a frame or on a gallery wall have been accompanied by hand written descriptions in pencil...nothing ponderous...just a naming of the some cases they appear almost like a poetic itemized list of the objects one is is only a minor referencing of phenomenology's concern for description rather than explanation...but it is also a continuation of my relationship with  text...with writing...of course with my sign-writing trade...and now almost 25years of hand written diaries I have noticed in the past few years my somewhat tentative blending of image and text...such a difficult relationship I find...several of my first year print students made very strong text based works this semester...but shortly I will be attempting a new series of etchings that are predominantly text only concern is that I will run out of things to say...sp


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