Thursday, November 18, 2010

"matchbox songs & gypsy hymns"...intermission..

an unidentified timber box..upright and open it reveals two hinged panels that turn like the pages of a book...the first is a wooden panel that frames a black inked each corner there is a drawing pin...a length of white cotton is woven around each pin to form a cross or x...on the reverse side is a detailed description of what the viewer is looking is hand written in pencil..the second hinged panel has a timber boarder and it frames a transparent black is torn at the lower edge...behind the transparent silk is a bone white cut-out figure of a woman's upper is held in place with two silver clips...beneath the figure is a wooden sphere...although it is not a perfect sphere as it is slightly flat on the the background of the cut-out figure is a black inked panel...deliberate but not totally controlled...the impressions of a mono-type remain embedded in the suggests a coastline and the one side and in reverse the words 'the ocean' is written...on the very opposite side of what could be considered as the inside lid of the box a small cardboard assemblage is hung...the top consists of a collection of post cards from which the shape of a man's upper body has been cut the window it creates there is a map and several dress making pins have been pinned to the map...the collection of post cards have been bound with white thread to form a cage like frame...beneath the box figure a series of sewing needles with coloured thread have been placed in a row...each one has a number and a date written in pencil...along one edge is a title...also written in pencil..."you can't look at your-self in the ocean"....
coming soon...sp     

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