Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"you can't look at your-self in the ocean"

the descriptions of the original piece have changed i expected them to...the title "you can't look at your-self in the ocean" comes from a Federico Garcia Lorca poem...and as has been the case with so many of the collage pieces it exists within associations...the most poignant are those that relate to discovering this box in an antique store..a portable hand-stencil duplication kit...on the same day I also found the wooden dart first not realizing what they were...without their feathers they were like delicate metal and wooden sculptures...the last item was a small black and white photograph of the almost seemed the bottom edge of the photograph was written 'the ocean'...these have been sitting in my studio for over a year...and the title has been with me even longer..but it is not simply the box/ with each of the transitional exhibitions the space makes its own suggestions...the installation also includes 9 box collage pieces and wall always it is a difficult space to document...I will reveal more over the following days...i hope you find something of interest...sp


  1. I just love your work and words, although I do not pretend to understand them all. You put things together with such balance and sensitivity.

  2. I so love your work....poignant, sensitive and full of longing. Thank you for sharing it with the world! Best to you...Patti