Friday, January 28, 2011

"studio orphans"

 If I were still installing works within my studio window/once exhibition space these pieces would fall under the banner of 'miscellaneous' present they remain 'unresolved instruments'...potentially part collage...part assemblage...they are in fact the discarded...the orphans of my studio space...suddenly assembled on imperial measured wooded retractable rulers...I have many such seems i went through a 'wooden ruler ' matter how much i tried to stop myself from being drawn to them at flea markets or collectible fairs...I gave in to their simple all some thirty-seven times...I am still not certain why... perhaps it was the sight of them folded..their full length of 36 inches contained within four 9" is like opening the pages to a book...or perhaps laying out a scroll... no two rulers are the same..each possessing its own embedded history...and then of course there are the numbers...austere black numerals against the variations of stained and worn timber...the brass hinges like illuminated corners...a moment of play...sp


  1. "Orphans" That's it! I have just moved my entire "workshop/studio" from my spare room at home to a new studio space in my framing workshop and found I have a lot of miscellaneous things too...many of least I now have a name for them - Orphans! - with that in mind I will take better care of them. Pity I do not have a tape measure addiction:) Each one of your orphans look beautiful.