Sunday, March 27, 2011

'trace'...abscence of presence...

"a trace is is a presence of which properly speaking has never been there,of what is always past"            E.Levinas         
I have avoided any definitive statement about this installation of works...partly due to feeling as though I've exhausted my theoretical explanations in the writing of my mva research paper...and partly as a deliberate decision to step away from the expectation of delivering an artist statement...preferring viewers to form their own connections and to bring it back to pure experience without the aid of text and interpretation...if people walk away with some vague idea about what the work evokes as a collective than I will be happy...there is that experiential element to theses works...something that is more concerned with how they make you feel as opposed to what they make you think...feeling and the kind of thought that are at times so close it's difficult to know which is which... the intuiting that connects with reflection and consciousness...the Levinas quote is like some poetic philosophical riddle...but there is a sense of these works as a presence 'of what is always past' was never a conscious thing on my part...perhaps the past resonates with me to a greater degree than any particular notion of a future...what delivers everything to the the making...process...that is the only tangible thing I have...the nicest compliment you could pay is that you like these works but you can't say why...sp

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