Sunday, April 3, 2011

...of what is always in the past...


'trace' now back where it commenced within the confines of my qca studio.
some things to be dismantled and re-
assembled...others to wait for other opportunities...some components returning to the lost and found...and
others simply abandoned..deliberately hidden longer in sight... one or two new possibilities to be continued...
either that or new much as 'new beginnings' are really
possible...I am convinced of the notion of trace...eternal residues in all that we encounter...some more visible than others...often evident in  unconscious what remains absent as much as what is present...sp..2o11 

1 comment:

  1. brave of you to show this, this is it EXACTLY. it all gets put into a box, for now, for ever, doesn't matter. it is/was/will be real. the work, the thinking, the ideas.