Wednesday, April 20, 2011


'Remnants'...I'm not certain that remnant offers the same potential as suggests something more substantial...the remains of a more specific event...the remains of some significant moment in time...whereas a 'trace' is what exists of the incidental, the unconscious...that which is the least deliberate...that is why it is so difficult to find the space between the conscious act of making and the intended meaning...but of course this offers a layer or trace of what flows through so many things...identity...identity through the stain of  what remains anonymous..of what is always in between...already this series has gone too far...although I am hoping that the book structure will bring it back to the sensibility of a trace...we shall see...sp   


  1. Yes, there is a difference. I like the idea of the "trace"...left on the bed, left in the sand, perhaps not even recognizable, but a trace. After all, all work is but a trace of the actual "act" of art, that which happens in the studio in response to.........Still.... what you are doing, keep at it. I dived so deep yesterday, because the work wasn't just where I wanted it to be....I am still such a "child" about my work. Please tell me you are having "fun." Maybe you can see what you don't like, and stop doing that?

  2. I just love the ephemeral quality of these works. Beautifully composed.