Friday, April 15, 2011

'Trace' pages continued...

The notion of 'trace ' that interests me is the poetic riddle that I borrowed from Levinas..."a trace is a presence of which properly speaking has never been there, of what  is always in the past"...this is one of those fluid sentences you can read several times and only arrive at a thread of grasping its meaning...and when you think you have is gone...perhaps that is part of the reason it interests me...the beginnings I have made here in paper, ink, bitumen and coloured pencil are somewhat obvious interpretations...when completed they will contain references to maps... the most illuminating of traces...the book form that these 'traces' are presented in is significant I think...the pages of books offer the most poetic and sublime notion of a trace...fortunately one that we are able to return to...although the trace is altered with each revisiting...trace is also present in routine and daily train journeys to the studio exist in that realm of 'what is always past'...even within the moment...thank you to those who have responded to my 'trace' curiousity, please keep sending them...sp

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  1. Yes, I like each one of your pieces. Interesting to move backwards through your posts, perfect with the idea of "trace."