Saturday, June 4, 2011

more distracting book moments...

I am beginning to think that the book form offers an interesting connection to the notion of 'trace'...even as bound and suspended objects...the difficulty is in articulating what it is I feel connected to at that very moment...and I know I have spoken or rather written of this before but that space between the sense of something and reflective translation and its need to be kept on ice before it melts in your hands...and for me it has to be immediate...otherwise things are simply lost to the objective and rational...perhaps in the end the suspended book is its own momentary trace...silent and without explanation...waiting for Merleau-Ponty's reciprocating dialogue between subject and object...sp

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  1. the suspended book is its own momentary trace...i like what you wrote. suspending things change them, connote and denote other things, perhaps a trace it is.