Sunday, July 24, 2011

'The Intuitionists'...Post Card collages

 Although I was wanting to save these post card collage works by one of the members of 'The Intuitionists' for an exhibition I can't contain the desire to share them... especially for those o/s visitors who will never have the opportunity to see them in the flesh...each of these have an initialed signature on the back of them...V.G. From the diary pages of  Enid Baker I can surmise that they were made by Vera Goodman...I'm not sure if you are aware of the works of the English collage artist John Stezaker who uses  found photographs to create disparate and unsettling undertones in his work but there is a comparative element that resonates within this series...the most overt narrative seems to be the displacement of the masculine figure with the feminine...if not a substitution then a blending of both...I will shown you more tomorrow...sp 



  1. Sometimes a little unsettling but intriguing images.

  2. Awesome! thanks for sharing I look forward to the more:) Di

  3. i agree with jo, but additionally see seeking a way through patriarchy...