Saturday, August 20, 2011

'books...objects and studio shadows'

The near completion of a new series of print and book assemblage some respects a continuum of previous encounters with things of a bookish nature...but this series has a deliberate referencing of printmaking methods...etching in particular...I have always found it difficult to revisit things from the past...the use of second hand books as a matrix for these book assemblages no longer interests me...but binding my own series of books together with printing the slip covers as well as the cut-out assemblage motifs is a difference that I am yet to reflect is a departure of a certain aesthetic which I am not sure I am completely connected to...I have allowed them to evolve as they always seemed to suggest to me...more refined... hopefully they retain a sense of the reflective glimpses of life that the book as an object possesses even before the cover is opened...sp


  1. a puppetmaster, a guardian, a shadow of those figures, a figure itself...i love how these final three images play with these works.

  2. Nicely done and the shadow people are very nice, giving hand signals.