Monday, February 6, 2012

Narrative & myth

I grew up with very little ever being explained to me as a child...which I remain thankful of...I think it continues to be the reason I make art...a continual questioning of the relationship between things that I never expect any answers to...sp 



  1. Questioning relationship, wonderful. As always I enjoy your work.

  2. and how they echo and play off one another. juxtapose. going deeper. not sure any of us knew anything as children. not sure we can know.

  3. I didn't get many explanations either so I made up my own. Maybe it makes us better artists when we search for our own answers.

  4. I can readily associate with what you're saying here, Glen.
    Thanks for a great workshop last Friday.
    You are a talented, skillful and humble artist who is very generous in sharing your knowledge - in a very non-condescending way - which I think, makes you a great teacher as well.