Saturday, August 18, 2012

Object-poems 5

I thought I would articulate what these tarpaulin pieces may be attempting to evoke. For the past three weeks I have been visiting Musgrave Park here in Brisbane  where I had  protested against the removal of the local Indigenous Sovereignty Tent Embassy in May. It occurred on the very same day that the new Liberal state government took office. Thirty protestors were arrested. With each visit to Musgrave Park  I have taken one of these tarpaulins to place on the ground and I have simply waited to have conversations with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Mostly they are conversations about notions of identity and place...I'm not certain if these tarps will ever be reconfigured into any deliberate art work...for the time being it is simply about engaging in conversation. sp.     


  1. hanging these are, maybe, reminders

  2. aah Glen, the stories these tarps hold make them even more compelling

  3. Wow - we have been away OS - but saw this story on CNN would you believe - so very poignant a reminder of the exposure of these souls!!