Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Yellow Book...image & text

The procedure for collating 'the yellow book' has been no different to the last two books that were  part of the 'mytho-poetics' exhibition...each plate printed separately and randomly sequenced once the pages were completed...when bound each book measures (60cmx37cm)...a similar size to the one book whose constant presence drifted covertly between childhood and my early adult years...a book that evoked a questioning of everything from the collective history of human-kind and the origins of animals and insects to the nature of astronomy, biology, geography, meteorology and all things of science...bound together in a single volume that for any child invoked a beguiling sense of aesthetics and design....the Readers Digest World Atlas seem to contain the perfect balance between language (text) and fact that is appealed to me because of its rich bias towards the image...language was there but always subaltern to the map, the diagrammatic charts of the night sky or illustrations of varying climatic conditions or cloud types...but there was also something in the physicality of the atlas that has remained with me...the holding of this same book today feels no different to the holing of it as a child...'the yellow book' continues an exploration of the relationship between text and image...though this volume is empty of text...only the randomly collected, figurative illustrations remain...but for me at times it seems rich with text or at least with marks that invoke language/ some small way silent but filmic...perhaps...sp  


  1. thank you for the background on these intriguing images

  2. I love it even more now - the truth of the picture!! Cheers!!

  3. I'd love to see this series of books, Glen. Really like the saturated colour and the visual notations...