Thursday, December 13, 2012

'living in your very last house'...

'living in your very last house'....I walk in the early mornings..a journey to new farm the edge of the brisbane river...each morning for one hundred meters a small times a sea...before that at the edge of suburban houses...part darkness and light...always a very particular silence...just the one barking dog...more cats then one would ever know...I've lived in these houses...each time thinking if I were living in my very last house...searching for context...a collective of prints/books and objects...I continue to trust language or at least  a small collection of words that have the capacity to evoke more than just one meaning...for some reason meaning scares me...sp 


  1. I have loved almost every house I have ever lived in, be it for 2 weeks or 2 years & always hope that this will be the last one but being an artist has never been a stable life... security could be counter productive & anyway there was never a choice!

  2. of course meaning scares you. words, as beautiful as they can be, are like horses without good riders.

  3. We know about ourselves, often by the houses we lived in, the chapters of our lives. This is beautiful!