Wednesday, October 30, 2013

'last thoughts': descriptions No.2

Sara Manser: clay form: detail

Sara Manser's studio practice embraces a number of disciplines including printmaking, painting, drawing  and clay works. This cross disciplinary approach allows the 'aboutness' of her work to invoke a sense of self-contained remainders of experience, as if something that the artist has used or referenced previously now lays veiled or hidden within the surfaces of new works. At present Sara's studio practice is at a point of transition with wall and floor space revealing playful associations between clay pieces and a mix of graphite, paint, wax and timber assemblages. I was curious about the incidental clusters of objects and forms that seemed so deliberately ordered either in anticipation of construction or of something having been recently disassembled. This is 'last thoughts'- descriptions No.2. (1-3 detail images from Sara's studio)


teshima departures
of  paper wax ash and clay
carried on a walled flotilla 
each of its single
collapsing moments
a threshold
a doorway
of self as trace
its ascending affect
like wounds of nostalgia
upon a ground of earliest surroundings
aide memoire
a deliberate
measuring of
material absence 

on visitational walls
the residues of habitat
are placed as devotions 
to the deity of fragments
its stigmata of perceptions
made visible at the verge
of uncommon ground

vestiges of age
time change and decay
visible in each of its departures
constant to every place
surviving folds of surface
fractured corners
each a single limb of language 
that send thoughts falling
like veiled shards of repose
to whatever they can find
before it ends

placing the remainders
of each performance
against the edge of a wall
shrines of epic drama
now discarded
the remaining scaffolds
like judgements of perception
waiting for collection
a strategy of placements
apprehended in 
lucid obligation.

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