Friday, October 18, 2013

last thoughts...'some kind of poetry'

This may be the ultimate distraction in finding a purpose for avoiding research writing at the moment but I am wanting to write about the art works of as many different visual artists I can find over the next 12 months...a project that is vaguely associated with a trans-continental group of artists/poets who are interested in cross discipline encounters...we have given ourselves the title of  'last thoughts'...currently I am writing/describing the works of post-grad colleague Jude Roberts who has just commenced a series of drawing/print related works on tarpaulin like forms as part of a community arts project in western Queensland...Jude approaches her art making with a deep consideration of possible outcomes but is someone who takes risks with everything from medium to method...I hope to post my descriptions soon...sp.


  1. i was worried about you, missed your thought provoking posts.

  2. good photo and looking forward to reading the "last thoughts"

  3. Will look forward to seeing more!! Some more images of the artworks too of the artists you are collaborating with - totally greedy - sorry!!