Wednesday, February 19, 2014

'Archive of the Unfamiliar'...details

I'm convinced that visual artists are often the least qualified when it comes to writing about their work. In regards to 'Archive of the Unfamiliar' Dr. Jess Berry from Griffith University QCA has written an insightful catalogue essay for "Beneath the Surface" that also features the works of Tim Mosley and Russell Craig. 
The online catalogue is available on -beneath the surface or google griffith university QCA-beneath the surface catalogue.

'Archive of the Unfamiliar' {details}

Side One
1. anthology of the naming of things                                                   
2. catacomb of a butchers horse                                    
3. history of  illuminated gestures                               
4. walking and falling with language                           
5. transparency of dissection [1976]                            
6. all of the things I could have told you about birds  
7. butchers love letter

Side Two
 8.  the existential umbrella
 9.  fish hook and found photograph of man sitting
10. the illustrated heart [as archipelago]
11. object-poem with eye chart
12.  archive of finding your balance
13.  post card from joan of arch
14.  perfumed jesus promotion envelope

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  1. Not only am I not qualified to write about my own work I'm not too good at talking about it either!