Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mapping Horses...continued

"Maps of Horses 1976" Dry-point (detail)

Without going into any great detail this latest series of etchings simply allows me to bring together two forms that I have always felt a certain connection with...horses and maps. The underpinning connection is that maps provide a method in navigating our location at a particular moment in time...a way of positioning our experience within the here and now...regardless of whether it is Google earth or a hand drawn 'mud map'...the experience is identical...the horse is more of a personal connection to the past...a continuance of metaphor.

"Maps of Horses 1976"...dry-point and spit-bit etching 

"Maps of Horses 2003"...dry-point and spit bite etching 

"Maps of Horses 1959"... dry-point and spit-bite etching

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