Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mnemosyne...collage,resin and tobacco tins.

Mnemosyne 1...polaroid collage in tobacco tin and resin.

Many of the works in Marginalia  attempt to make connections between personal narrative and various manifestations of the past.  At times a single sewing needle and thread floating within a resin surface has the capacity to evoke associations of a childhood era where clothes were hand or machined stitched by mothers or aunts.... a collage cut-out wing pattern  that gestures toward the transition of  things and of almost everything eventually taking flight. Resin as a material presents contradictory associations...allowing for a fluid transparency, heightening the presence of objects and yet capable of capture and embedded stillness. The past as subject matter is inescapably nostalgic yet it provides an index  to something beyond a mere love of safe old things. It  keeps the 'contemporary' desire for everything to be new at a distance  and allows for an incremental unfolding of  a melancholic reflection and a heightened awareness of the need to remain engaged with the past. Marginalia continues until March 22nd. at Bosz Gallery, Fortitude Valley. 
Photographs by Jonathan Tse  

Mnemosyne II...polaroid collage in tobacco tin and resin. 

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