Wednesday, October 21, 2015

'Fable in Brief'


A fable in brief is simply an extended description of what metaphor accomplishes. It avoids saying 'this' stands for 'that' and allows meaning to remain unfixed. This fluidity is also a displacement, one thing substituted for another. Metaphor like collage is always a disturbance, an enigmatic disturbance. It's illusiveness registers more poignantly what remains absent. Fable in Brief  is a slowly emerging series of drawing/tracings and etchings that will be bound into a collection of artists' books to celebrate the Year of the Print in 2016.
(i)  (ii)
(i) - (iii) Fable in Brief  Graphite on tracing paper


  1. I love this idea of the metaphor referred to as fable in brief! Beautiful works and poignant fables in brief! Thanks for sharing. -- Patti

  2. "enigmatic disturbance"... gosh, you have a great way with words to image

  3. these images ... when i clicked on them i was astonished. layers of story or thought hinted. i love the thought of a bunch of books celebrating fable in brief. will you edition at all?

    1. Thank you for the kind comments...multiples Velma? this stage the works are mostly drawings... and I'm really a pretty lazy printmaker these days...I fall asleep at the wheel when attempting lengthy editions... so at best a very limited etching series.

    2. even a small edition is something wonderful. i've finally approached editioning my books, the last at 41 was a huge endeavor, but worth it.

  4. looks amazing glen .. will be pleased if i can get a copy