Wednesday, August 17, 2016

looking for ...'fable in brief'

(1) fable in brief...etching and bees wax.

'Fable in Brief' is now open to the public in the Project Gallery at Queensland College of Art, South Bank...the 'aboutness' of the work is difficult to articulate so close to having assembled the mix and blend of so many disparate associations...perhaps a strange thing to say but many of these works are still quite unfamiliar to me...the gallery will be open Tues.-Sat. from 10am.-4pm. until Sept 3rd. I will be presenting artists on Wed.24 and 31st. Aug. at 12.15pm and Sat. Aug.27 and Sept 3rd. at 11am.

(2)fable in brief...1-29(detail):graphite, Polaroids and bees wax.

(3)floor plan...fable in brief  

(4) graphite tracings 

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