Tuesday, March 6, 2018

wild + parrot...the topophilia space

wild + parrot
As creative locations studio spaces provide a diversity of reference points as mixed and varied as the creative individuals who frequent them. They often provide an experience of space as a continuum of interplay of the rational, the concrete, the imaginative and the poetic. Gaston Bachelard presented the notion of topophilia to describe the constant  gatherings of imaginative responses within such spaces and their capacity to alter and dissolve the logical geometric experience of space. The topophilia traits of the space that wild + parrot has adapted is yet to acquire any significant degree of creative affect but within its initial transformation from garage to a place of making it is gradually gathering its own sway....sp.

wild + parrot

wild + parrot...detail.


  1. Indeed Mo...I've always loved that idea that a particular space is intrinsically linked to the creative response...we shall see what evolves....fortunately we are both small.