Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dream Voyage

Dream Voyage: 2018

I wanted to reflect briefly on the creative closing and opening of doorways and the threshold spaces that are often made available through teaching within the throes of an art institution.The closing of my recent door has been a decade of association with the wonderfully creative and passionate printmaking students I have had the most existential pleasure of teaching at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane for the past decade.

That time, space and experience has unfortunately run its course as any meaningful and memorable narrative must do. Each beginning is not so much a search for a conclusion but simply a way of responding in the only way one knows how within the unfolding of a progression of experiences that inevitably script their own conclusions.
The difficulty in surrendering the pages of a novel that one finds difficult to put down provides an appropriate analogy in describing my feelings towards the conversations, the instruction and the deciphering of students creative responses I experienced throughout my time at the QCA studios. I will miss the thought space that your images provided.

Students are often oblivious to the concept that teaching in its most essential manifestation is a two way street. The fortunate and most perceptive teachers recognise that they have as much to learn from their students as hopefully students recognise in their tutors. I feel that I have been remarkably fortunate to be inspired by the depth of your imaginative minds and images encountered during my time there. So thank you all. Special regards to those who have wished me well with my recent Amor Fellowship with the State Library of Victoria in association with the iconic Baldessin Press...truly the start of a dream voyage. 


  1. I wonder if students have any idea how much they contribute to the learning we all participate in. There are so many little celebrations and revelations moving through the semester or whatever given time together. And there is a little bit of fun in being the one in charge, but much gravitas if I dwell on the responsibility piece too much.

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