Thursday, November 8, 2018

Redlands College....Artist in Residence

Redlands College Year 10 Art Class  (figure.1)

The second week as artist in residence at Redlands College. My time so far has been a mix of artists talks and demonstrations in all things print with students from both the middle and senior school visual arts program. I have been continually impressed with how focused, mature and highly articulate the students are towards interpreting each of their class projects. Often they are having to interpret concepts that hopefully will continue to be questioned and reinterpreted in some creative form as they transition into adulthood. Having to reflect on themes relating to identity, place and the nuanced rituals of their daily
lives it is the kind of questioning that inevitably allows them to recognise how creativity, in all its semblances, is an essential part of feeling connected to 'the everyday'.

(figure 2.)

   (figure 3.)

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