Monday, August 9, 2010

day one:objecthood 2:nostalgia

The first change over..things taking longer than expected to hang for such a small space...the three pieces in the show continue my experiments with assemblage & a little collage...found objects provide such an immediate form in translating experience...perhaps even the act of collecting...that moment when we can never be certain if it us that chooses the object or if it is the object that chooses seems to be within the walls of the studio that suddenly a cheap Italian folk guitar falls for the turned leg of a bedside table...or a wooden crutch suddenly becomes intimate with a discarded bird cage..and in another corner of the studio an old testament Bible tightly bound to another wooden crutch suddenly becomes fascinated with two what does this have to do with a longing for the past?.. i will write more of nostalgia and its intimations within the works later in the week...perhaps in another session of 'late night phenomenology'...thank-you to anyone who took a moment to view "Hiroshima mon amour" is now back on my studio wall..I have missed it...sp

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