Tuesday, August 10, 2010

nostalgic views

Although the reflections make the works difficult to document from the viewers perspective I thought I would post some photos that give you an idea of the space..perhaps it may surprise some with its intimacy...the thought occurred to me yesterday that it is not unlike working with the assemblage box works that I mostly constructed before my time at qca...it is really just a very large box..this morning I added a collection of second hand books to the floor...things seemed a little sparse...nostalgia seems to suggest a certain stillness...a stillness in the longing for things of the past...but the nostalgia I am familiar with seems deeper than this...at times it seems to be in the table i'm sitting at... the book i'm reading..a morning walk...a train journey...although I'm not sure if nostalgia is capable of familiarity..so all that is left is a deeper stillness..maybe then it becomes something else...as a child in year two there was boy who broke his leg and had to use wooden crutches for several weeks...i remember being envious of the attention he received and wished for some minor tragedy to present itself to me that would require the use of wooden crutches...i'm not certain if someone feels a sense of nostalgia standing before this window...and if they do is it theirs or mine..sp  

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