Wednesday, August 11, 2010

matchbox nostalgia

Someone asked me yesterday why I regarded these works as nostalgic...I told them that I wasn't sure if i was the best person to answer that question...I was curious about using the word in the title of a work and the opportunity arose from two conversations I had within days of one another with people who made a somewhat smug  remark about the element of nostalgia in my rolled off their tongue as if it were spoken by one of those two female characters out of Kath & Kim from Nooooosa...years ago i may have been offended...actually at that stage i would have been mortified...but i was simply curious in their academic intimations that somehow any art work that has a hint of things from the past is classified as nostalgic and  was suddenly delegated to the bottom shelf within the hierarchy of art making reality everything is in a state of nostalgic transition...when does the moment arrive when something is tagged as having entered the realms of soon as the present becomes the past?...or when the past becomes the present?...thankfully phenomenology deals with descriptions rather than explanations...sp


  1. hello. I have been coming to your blog for awhile now and love all your assemblage collage works and your writing as well. though I have to say that without reading about your own thoughts regarding your work-- my first impressions were of memory and identity--and the back and forth -past to current- affects both.

  2. Hi Donna..thank-you.yes I think both memory and identity are significant threads within most of what i make..together with the here and now of things...a constant reflection on where one begins and another falls away..and at times their collision.sp.