Sunday, August 29, 2010

'Objecthood 3'...last day

Although today was the final showing of 'objecthood 3..nostalgia'...i would not be surprised to see this piece reinvented..perhaps with the projector may even happen tomorrow...i am never certain what will be contained in the 'matchbox' gallery...i do know that i am wanting to exhaust my experience of the wooden crutches i have collected...i was reading of Duchamp's connection with the objects that transpired into ready-mades...providing a sequence of procedures that made the transformation possible...what i like most is the idea that one must encounter a certain 'rendez vous' with the object..collage and assemblage as process continue to provide the underpinning connection between experience and reflection in these works..i continue to avoid the use of the word 'meaning'...process reveals the only evidence of meaning..and even then it is no more than a 'trace'...sp

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