Thursday, August 26, 2010

thursday night phenomenology...interludes with rickie lee jones

I have little to reflect upon this evening..deciding not to alter the current work...a friend suggesting that there was no need to provide any further deliberate evidence of the maker...the existing relationships offering adequate implications of a narrative...the objects already in conversation...for some reason this piece seems to have evoked a writing of poetic descriptions of certain experiences..things close to the mind set these new works require...always a vagueness...a familiar vagueness...a relief from my research remaining mere formulated abbreviations of wonder i continue to struggle with it all...if only they would let me write in the same way that i make...setting adrift the academics..'.subjective certainty equalling objective truth'...but who really requires certainty?...i guess that is what phenomenology strives for already knowing that its ambiguous nature defeats its purpose...but it delivers something of greater value in 'possibilities' Merleau-Ponty believed, the human body and all that it unfolds within experience "reveals to us an ambiguous mode of existence"(PP:198) individuals we are a construct of both culture and nature...for M-P this provides the basis for the natural ambiguity of experience..."wheather it is a question of another's body or my own ,I have no means of knowing the human body other than that of living it, which means taking up on my own account the drama which is being played out in it, and losing myself in it.I am my body, at least wholly to the extent that I possess experience, and yet at the same time my body is as it were a 'natural' subject, a provisional sketch of my total being."(Ibid.)...  just a reminder that people are welcome to visit and discuss the transitional works..simply phone to arrange a time...details on facebook...sp

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