Sunday, September 5, 2010

sunday morning phenomenology...& gypsy hymns

sunday mornings offer a certain quietude to the unfolding of things...I have always thought there was some truth to the notion that 'what saturday gives sunday takes away'...but saturday never gives the same sense of calm...even here at the edge of fortitude valley in brisbane where at times one can be forgiven for believing that the phenomena of day & night no longer exists...but what does arrive is that twilight transition...not necessarily within those moments of changing half-light...but somewhere within sunday mornings it exists and with it the quiet calm...perhaps sundays provide the potential for deeper reflection...or is it simply the nostalgia of sunday morning mass...most of my time spent reflecting on everything apart from the higher order of things...(although never completely)...Merleau-Ponty wrote of a hyper-reflection that one needed to encounter to arrive at a point of discovering the essence of a certain experience...the 'personage 1' weather machine is an attempt to present... or re-present collage and assemblage as the most poignant connection to all experience...not only delivering a connection but in revealing something beyond the moment..I am never certain if this has been I have written remains in the realms of instinct...a relationship between the instinct of objects and the reflective experience..a reconstruction of perception and experience with what is at hand...the studio the domain of collective experience...all awaiting description and identity...part of the reason for these works remaining essentially within the walls of my studio...little is lost between them and myself...suddenly they are a teenager with their own room...leaving the studio they are least until they find a new home...that is why it is always difficult to let things go...sp 

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