Tuesday, September 7, 2010

'personage 1'...'collecting/gathering' part 1.

Part of my research in constructing relationships between collage and phenomenology based theories reflects upon the act of collecting as it relates to my own work... it was perhaps ten years ago when the found or collected object became a significant element in what I was making and I recognised the act of collecting and the purpose it served in the creative process was no longer separate from the making...that the choices one made in the collecting or indeed in the discarding of things was as creative in itself as anything that transpired within the studio...i have spoken previously of the initial dialogue that evolves between the subject and the object...the often covert intimations of surface and texture or the random markings of individual interventions...all require an openness to the intuitions of objects...in regards to the collecting of things I think for me it is something closer to an act of gathering or gleaning...collecting infers something more deliberate...I rarely know what it is I am looking for...sp

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  1. I agree.. the search.. the visual connection felt in finding an object that has weathered, has a patina, is rusty, is old, torn, used up-- when I go to flea markets, my fingers and eyes light on certain objects for some unexplained reasons that I am drawn to-- I often do not even know what the original purpose was- and I often do not know what I am going to do with it-- it will end up in my collection boxes in my studio waiting for the day or time or art piece that it was meant for all along.