Thursday, September 9, 2010

'personage 1'...collecting/gathering...part2

'introductions'...I imagine regardless of what name you give it..collecting, gathering, gleaning...the moment when certain intuitions are set in motion between yourself and a particular object the consequences seem to be the same...what arrives is a moment of complete and immediate clarity within the flux of experiences that often surround us at the time...there have been times when I have regrettably denied such instinctive moments...inevitably arriving at a point in time when I could have made use of that very object...the serendipitous nature of my collecting/gathering has become an integral component in the process of making...but there are two forms of 'introduction' to objects...the first is that concrete moment of if the particular object were suddenly a mirror...and what one collects is the self ...the second is like walking into a room and seeing someone you know you have a connection with without a word in conversation...but it seems a certain etiquette must transpire...these objects require a  filtering of time...I think of one of Duchamp's requirement for an object to enter the realms of the 'readymade'...the 'rendezvous' with the artist...with this form of introduction the instinctive moment is not as electric as the first response...but no less significant...often I will think of these objects over the course of a week then return for a second viewing...if there remains a hint of the same sensory experience of the first encounter then I know I am committed...with this in mind I guess the act of collecting will always retain a vagueness about it....hopefully remaining in the work itself...a retaining of that ambiguity of experience that unfolds between the self and the object...   "the poet they say borrows nothing that is foreign or unfamiliar to themselves...they take back what was theirs to begin with...those things, precisely, in which they recognise themselves"...w.fowlie...sp

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