Sunday, October 24, 2010

"matchbox songs & gypsy hymns"...accomplished meanings

I have never felt totally comfortable with the idea of meaning being found as if it were something stable and able to be contained...the introduction to meaning relies upon the undertaking of a particular process that allows for the individuals sediments of experience to be shown...the umbrella etchings allowed for such a process...and in a sense I have moved beyond what ever meaning was made available at that time...but there is also something that continues to resonate within me...perhaps it exists within the spontaneity of their making...never really allowing the time to get to know one another...nothing more than an introduction...but that is all one needs at introduction that leaves an impressionable stain...Merleau-Ponty spoke of meaning as a process of accomplishments...which sounds quite obvious and simplistic..but for me something resonates within that one word 'accomplish' that seems to infer giving things time and place to allow meaning to unfold...but there is ever only a single window of recognition...the umbrella series are etching, collage and at times assemblage...some of the papers I have printed the etched image onto  are quite archival unsound...some have been coated with shellac or matt varnish...pieced together with masking tape, wax thread stitching and pva glue...each of these elements relate a sediment of meaning...then there is the text...but I regard it in the same light as image...its meaning is no longer fixed to remains in the realms of the visual...and now the night sky over brisbane is raining...on the day of the 'zombie walk' outside my window the walking dead are running for shelter.sp


  1. i've been looking and reading a long time. i like what you're doing, and your work always intrigues me, invites me to ponder. i like today's thoughts about meaning, too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this stuff Glen, you know you can never stop posting! It's becoming more of a necessity to stop by here than a pleasure!