Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"matchbox songs...'nebraska'...'sewing needles and poetry...'

...nebraska...sewing needles, coloured thread, poetry and diary entries...of all the miscellaneous items this remains the most curious...out-of- the-way oddity...perhaps due to its self-contained completeness...the cover is from the original album I bought in 1983-4... I'm not certain how bleak, first-person ballads of a mid-west state in the USA are able to resonate with a twenty something year old living in North Queensland...but they did... not just in the intimate voice of Springsteen accompanied on little more than an acoustic was something geographical...the same sparse, desperate, poetic associations of the nebraskan  landscape unfold in a similar fashion in the north...the North Queensland highway has stretches of bleakness that mirror the same narratives expressed in 'nebraska' has an embedded history of murders,shootings, abandonment, runaways, and lost think of a lot of things when you drive the north's highway...and so before I even make a mark there is already in place associations of meaning and where is the phenomenology?...its most deliberate association exists within the realms of the relationship between presence and absence in all that we experience...but in the end it is something you either get or you don't..
.(to be continued)sp.  

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